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How many times have you experienced heating up of the cooling system due to the dirty radiators?

How many times have you spent Saturday on pulling out and cleaning the coolers?

How many times you had to ask someone for doing that for you?

How much time and money have you lost?

You know it the best :-)

... and if not yet, sooner or later this problem will catch you :-)

We have a proposal to solve most of these problems.

Mud killer - a tip for an ordinary garden hose that allows you to clean most of the coolers without having to disassemble them and drain the coolant. Our product has been tested on many off-road vehicles including Jeep, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

The more coolers are installed in your vehicle (coolant cooler, air conditioning cooler, intercooler, oil cooler), the faster you should get the MudKiller. It may be necessary to remove covers or other elements to allow the access to the spaces between the coolers.

Conditions to be met in order to use our product:

  • space between coolers not less than: 8 mm
  • access to a water intake - with the use of a rubber hose ended with the most popular quick connector
  • place to work - remember that we wash out the mud!
  • getting familiarized with the operating manual

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